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Calorie Jump Rope

Skipping is performed in short bursts and at high intensity rope speeds of 200 RPM (revolutions per minute). It targets the athlete's anaerobic energy system (85% - 95% of the Maximum Heart Rate) and focuses on developing the fast twitch muscle fibers. Skipping produces competitive advantages in speed, quickness, agility, balance, coordination, explosiveness, leg, knee, ankle and foot strength. Hyperformance jump rope is also an excellent conditioner and warm up. It is a total body activity that incorporates all the muscles and quickly warms them before stretching, while helping to prevent injuries. The jump rope is every athlete's best training partner. It is by far the best exercise method for athletes because it develops cardiovascular fitness and sports specific skills necessary for championship performances, in a short time period. To receive the maximum benefits from your jump rope program, TRAIN THE WAY YOU WANT TO PERFORM IN YOUR SPORT with SPEED, QUICKNESS AND AGILITY.

Digital Jumping Rope

Digital Calorie Skipping Jumping Rope


  • Adjustable extra-long 3 meters rope is easily customized for your height
  • Jump rope LCD with clock, timer, count, calorie and fat settings
  • Power rope rotator swivel action head rotates in both directions
  • Just enter your weight to accurately calculate the calories you burn and the fat you reduce
  • Anti-slip handle design


Price: PHP 182.00 Order: unit  
  USD 3.79