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Therapy Eye Massager

Eye Massager

Eye Massager Therapy Description

Bliss eyes efficacy four nurses massage device

1. Prevention of myopia, beauty eye

2. Thrice daily for three to five minutes each, and effectively improve the microcirculation in the eye, enhance the ability to regulate the ciliary muscles, Activation eye tissue, aerobics Tongluo, and effectively improve the visual beauty eye, the sheer concentration.

3. The control computer eye check neurasthenia and insomnia, fatigue eliminate eyes shut to wear every three to five minutes. Make full eye and muscle relaxation, lower intraocular pressure, caused by the rapid elimination Yongyanguodu swelling, pain, dry. Photophobia of eyes and blurred version symptoms, easy access to deep sleep, insomnia caused by the elimination of Yongnaoguodu and neurasthenia, can shorten the time to fall asleep.

4. Reduce skin wrinkles to enhance flexibility and adhering to the five to 10 minutes a day. Due to insufficient sleep and can help eliminate the bags under the eyes and Black formed poor blood circulation. Strengthen eye cell metabolism, ease wrinkles corners, the corners of his eyes and shiny skin more flexible.

Therapy Eye Massager Back
Therapy Eye Massager Back


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