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Fitness Mini Stepper


Fitness Mini Stepper

Product Description

The Fitness Mini-stepper will get you on the road to good health and fitness. Stair climbing continues to be one of the most well known and beneficial exercises because it exercises and tones the largest muscles in the body (buttocks, hips, and thighs), plus it's a great fat-burning workout. It's also a great cardiovascular exercise. This stepper has a small, compact design that makes it perfect for home or office. The sturdy steel construction is durable, and this stepper features a counter and timer display.

1) Cleverly made
2) Can be used in home and at office
3) Can be used any time
4) The feeling for exercise is going up slope
5) Easy to shape calf, thigh and hip curve
6) Can remove fat of leg and hip
7) Shapes perfect arm and leg
8) Helps you to get good figure
9) Lets most parts of muscles of whole body participate in doing sports
10) Promotes fat consumption
11) Has electronic watch to show time, calories and exercise consumption, quantity



Price: PHP 1,890.00 Order: unit  
  USD 39.38