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LED Tire Flash Lamp


LED Tire Flash Lamp


The LED Tire Flash Lamp (LED wheel flash light) is used into tire of car/ motorcylce/ bicycle, directly install into the air valve. Dynamic induction flashing decoration with self flash electronic circuit. When car is driving or vibrating, the LED tire flash lamp will flash. When the car speed of car is over 50km/H, the flash point will give more interest in your driving, and many people will look around.



  • Install three 1.5V AG 10 batteries (3*1.5V=4.5V) according to the picture, try it in dark.
  • Screw down into tire valve.
  • If the brightness of lamp is weak or low, please change batteries.


LED Tire Lamp Installation LED Tire Flash Lamp


Price: PHP 168.00 Order: unit  
  USD 3.50