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Memory Foam Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles

You'll feel like walking on air with these specially designed Memory Foam Insoles. These foot care products have a top layer made of pressure-relieving, memory foam that conforms perfectly to your foot's shape for the most comfortable fit and support possible. The EVA foam bottom layer provides extra cushioning and protection. Place the insoles in any pair of shoes to support your arch, stabilize your heel, absorb shocks and provide custom comfort from heel to toe. Simply cut for a perfect fit.

1 Pair of memory foam insoles. Molds to your feet for unbelievable comfort! Gives you custom comfort from your heel to your toes! No more tired and achy feet! As seen on TV!

Features include:

  • Fits all sizes of shoes men's and women's (unisex)
  • Insoles can be trimmed to any size
  • Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot, bunions, swollen feet and joints.
  • Prevents heel shock by cushioning your every step
  • Supports your arch Increase your stability by carding your foot and preventing foot roll


Price: PHP 98.00 Order: unit  
  USD 2.04