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Nap Alarm

Nap Alarm

Nap Alarm is an ideal gift for those you care about. Essential item for every driver.

Why do you need the NAP Alarm? Simple! It will save your life. A survey carried out in 2002 by the Department for Transport found that over 20% of drivers had had an accident through falling asleep while driving. A staggering 64% also admitted to nodding off while driving. So if you drive, it is recommend that EVERYONE uses NAP Alarm sleep alert system. It will save your life.

How it works:
It's a small alarm device that fits onto your ear. If you nod off your head will fall forward. Nap Alarm warns you audibly when your head tilts down over a certain angle, allowing you to take
corrective actions - changing drivers, a break or a proper nap. Clever, ingenious and a life saver.

Nap Alarm will beep (Alarm type) or vibrate (Vibrating type) to alert when driver feels sleepy during his driving and his head nods down-forward. It stimulates the nerve to be exciting and eliminate the sleepy feeling to avoid traffic accident.


1) Weight : 16.5g for Alarm type & 18.5g for Vibrating type
2) Working principle : Electronic Balance ( Mercury switch equipped inside )
3) Power Source : DC 6V ( AG 3 X 4)
4) Alarm Sensibility : Alarm angle (15 -30 degree) - Adjustable


1) Car drivers (Passenger car, Bus, Truck )
2) Machinery operators
3) Supervisors of Electric Instruments( Power station, Communication system, Shipping system, Safety system)
4) Students ( to correct the sitting and standing position & to improve the physical condition )
5) Promotional items ( Car sales firm, Banks, Insurance company, Gas station etc)

Also available in different colors!

Nap Alarm - yellow Nap Alarm - grey Nap Alarm - red

Nap Alarm - yellow green Nap Alarm - black



Price: PHP 150.00 Order: unit  
  USD 3.13