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Pocket Torch

Pocket Torch
Refillable Pocket Torch

Electric ignition type torch, so small that it fits in your pocket. Gushing flame is so forceful that it can be used in blowing wind at any direction. 1300 degree Celcius high temperature flame makes it a small but useful torch. The cap protects users from windshield heat and accidental burning.


Pocket Torch Flame Lighter


1. Portable and handy for use in hobby craft:

  • For Soldering (particularly finde soldering)
  • For hardening small metal pieces
  • For melting or fusing plastic and rubber pieces
  • For joining or cutting ropes of synthetic materials

2. As outdoor camping survival equipment:

  • As an igniter for solid fuel and open fire.
  • For ski waxing
  • As a repair tool on cycling tours.

3. As a tool for many other purposes:

  • For emergency use such as melting a frozen lock, etc.


Price: PHP 112.00 Order: unit  
  USD 2.33