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Mini LCD Projection Clock

Mini LCD Projection Clock

The LCD keyring projection clock is a great gadget to own! This mini LCD projection clock is on a key ring and comes in handy if you need to know the time in the dark. The LCD projection clock keyring is easy to use, you just press the button and the projected time appears on any surface in the dark.

The LCD projection clock key ring is a great gadget to have on your bedside table as well! If you want to know the time in bed at night then you can use the handy mini keyring projection clock. You can set the clock to project seconds only or alternating month and date/time. The projected beam uses a high intensity LED light, which is red, this gadget is ideal for use in clubs, a great pulling gadget for the ladies and Gents. This gadget is also a great cat toy, as cats love running after the projection clock beam and they also like watching the flashing digital dots! The keyring projection clock is a very usable gadget, a great gift for children and adults alike, brilliant stocking filler for Christmas and would make a great small gift for any occasion, fathers would love this gadget for a fathers day gift too!

LCD Clock Projects onto any surface
Projects Either Time Or Date
Comes With Keychain
Finished In Silver and Grey

Dimensions : 70mm x 20mm x 28mm
Weight : 10g ( Approx )
1 x AG3 Battery For Clock
2 x AG13 Batteries For Projection



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  USD 0.25