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Automizer Multi-purpose Scoreboard

Automizer™ Multi-purpose Scoreboard comes with a built-in Shot Clock for easy tracking of score. Additional external shot clock can also be purchase.

Automizer Scoreboard with Shot Clock
Multi-purpose Scoreboard

Main Scoreboard:

  • Programmable stopwatch with minutes and seconds. 6” height digits with high brightness green LEDS
  • Score display from 0 to 199 (7” height digits color red, high brightness LED digits).
  • Team foul  (4” height digits color amber, high brightness LED digits)
  • Period: Maximum of 4 periods per game. Use bright red dots for Period.
  • A 24-second shot clock incorporated in the main board. (6” height digits color green, high brightness LED digits)
  • Wireless Controller
  • Suitable for basketball, Volleyball and other sports
  • Power supply –220V AC
  • Dimensions: 62 inches (W) x 36 inches (H) x 2 inches (D)
  • We accept made to order according to your need


  • Automatic buzzing of airhorn when shot clock reaches zero.

Optional External shot clock can be connected to the main scoreboard


Automizer Scoreboard

Multi-purpose Scoreboard with Programmable
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