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Snore Relief

Snore Relief

Snore Relief Wearing Method

Suffer from snoring for a long time? Have been tried of it? Don't worry, here is our good choice for you --Snore Relief showed as the picture. It is a high-tech medical device, belonging to Classic 1. And it has the function of curing snore.


1) It is just a small thing when you see it, but a high-powered magnetic chip was fitted in the anti-snore apparatus. Using magnetism to activate the nerve ending, shrink the abnormal tissue of nose and throat, then make the respirational passage open normally, then you can breath snoothly, a good night sleep is enjoyed. Besides, after using it for about three months, you won't snore any more. If you suffer severly, maybe it will take six to eight months.

2) How to use it? Just insert it into the nostril before sleeping. Our Snore Relief, made of imported FDA standard iatrical silica gel complex material, is softe enough to make you have comfortable feeling.



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