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Ticket Dispenser

Ticket DispenserTicket Dispenser with Stand

Ticket Dispenser with Stand


PRICE: PHP 4,700.00

Detailed Product Description

Dispenser can be widely used by retailers, government, hospitals, airlines, banks, and wherever else people wait for service. Queuing System is the positive and confident way to serve people. Ticketing systems mean faster service to customers, resulting in reduced costs and higher profits.

The ticket dispenser only requires one smooth pull on the ticket on downward direction. Simplified loading of tickets takes only seconds. A portable floor stand is also available standing 5-1/2' tall with metal post and base. It also comes with a white plastic sign with ‘PLEASE TAKE A TICKET HERE’ printed.

The ticket dispenser uses roll paper tickets with 3,000 tickets per roll in either 2 or 3 digit tickets.