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Ultraviolet Detector

Ultraviolet Detector

Product Name: Ultraviolet Detector

Product Details:
This product can be used during any daytime weather conditions to assist you in detecting the intensity of harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. This handy device is very simple and easy to use and understand.This product alerts the user of the intensity of the ultraviolet rays from sunlight.The LEDs indicate the UV light levels. The 1-5 figures on the product show the following meanings, which can warn you to take some actions to prevent from UV radiation. The LED lights will illuminate according to the intensity of the suns rays

a. LED 1: The sun has no effect and no protection is needed

b. LED 2: The sun has little effect and few people will require protection. Small babies and people with very sensitive skin should consider some protection if intending to be outdoors all day.

c. LED 3: The sun will have some effect on most people. If you are prone to burning, you should use protective sun cream if you intend to spend long periods in direct sun light.

d. LED 4: The sun is strong and protective sun cream is recommended for anyone spending extended periods outside and in direct sunlight.

e. LED 5: The sun is very strong. Avoid direct sunlight without sun block cream or other suitable protection.

Products weight: 50g
Size: 3.3 * 6.3 * 11.3cm
Power Supply: 4.5 volts (three LR1130 button cell batteries.



Price: PHP 252.00 Order: unit