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Proximity Watchman Clock

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  • Microprocessor based with state-of-the art circuit design
  • LCD module (with backlight) on base unit displays the date, time and station number
  • User friendly. Reminders and operation status are displayed on the LCD panel
  • Internal memory storage is good for 3,000 readings.
  • Battery is good for 12 hours without charging and comes with an automatic battery charger
  • Lightweight. It comes with an attractive and protective leather shoulder bag for easy handling.
  • Durable. The base unit and station boxes are housed in metal cases. They are made entirely of electronic components. No mechanism or moving parts (such as motor, paper tape roller, printer…. etc.) is involved.
  • Convenient. Report generation and time setting can be done by using the Hand-held Controller or through the computer.
  • Intelligent. Monitoring and Analyzing computer program analyzes long readings automatically and accurately. It also gives report on guards overall performance. It saves manpower by doing this time consuming and error-prone job.
  • Low price. The price of the unit is surprisingly low and there is no need to buy consumables (such as special paper tape).
  • One year warranty for parts and labor.
  • You can print reports using ordinary bond papers.
  • You can use Autowise Proximity Watchman Clock manually and /or with a computer


Autowise Proximity Watchman Clock
Proximity Watchman Clock
Station ID with Metal box
Station ID with Metal box