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Proximity Watchman Clock

| Introduction | Features | In Operation |

The unit comes with a base unit with an electronic probe & rechargeable battery, several (as per user's requirement) station boxes, an automatic battery charger, a hand-held Controller, a Monitoring and Analyzing Program, and a shoulder bag for the base unit.
Station boxes are installed at vital places where security guard should check regularly. The guard on duty carries the base unit. When the assigned time for each station comes, the guard just places the base unit near the station box. A unique number for each station will enter the base unit and stored in the memory together with the time. These huge amount of data (from hundreds to thousands of readings in one-night, depending on the number of stations) can then be analyzed by using the hand-held controller or by the monitoring and analyzing computer program. Reports on the performance of the guard can be generated in just a few minutes!
You can be sure that every corner of your house, factory, car park or building is inspected everytime, everyday.