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About us

Electrobrain Enterprises was established since 2004. It was established to handle the growing demand of market for electronics devices for computer real-world application. We are committed to our customers by providing fast and genuine service, quality, and value.

As a technology based company, Electrobrain constantly developed and refined our electronic LED displays, designs, and manufacturing process to deliver continual improvement and value.

New products are also continuously being developed. We have our own team of designers and programmers so that our products and softwares can be modified anytime to suit customers' requirements. We also provide full technical support and assistance to our customers. We make it a point to sell our products at low prices at the same time maintaining their high quality. We aim to sell our products not only to large-scale industries but to medium and small scale industries as well. Most of our clients are prestigious schools, universities and factories/offices among the top 1000 companies worldwide.