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Products Automizer

Slim Type Light Box

Slim Type Light Box

Automizer innovative slim light box uses the
latest light distribution technology. The
technology allows low heat generation, low
power consumption, long lamp life span and
even illumination across the viewing area. Due
to the ultra slim size of the lamp, the display
panel is ultra slim (30mm) and light weight.

Multi-Image Scrolling Light Box

Multi-Image Scrolling Light Box

Scrolling Light Box integrates advanced mechanical, electronic and digital control technologies to achieve significant advantages
in both functionality and reliability.

Scrolling Light Box is a multi-image advertising
or information billboard designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can carry up to 12 posters on a scroll; Controlled by a microcomputer, stay time of each poster can be precisely programmed to 1 to 99 seconds.

Up to ten Scrolling Light box can run
synchronized to deliver breath-taking visual effect.

Tri-vision Display

Tri-Vision Display

A Tri-Vision display is a sign that displays 3-messages
in the space of just one. Our sign has three (TRI) sides
for you to view (VISION). We utilize turning triangles to achieve this look. You just add your creative copy to
our 3-message display and you can be sure to catch
the eye of your customer more than once!

LED Channel Letters, Logo, Signages

LED Channel Letters, Logo, Signages

Channel letters are becoming one of the best marketing and brand recognition tools available. They represent
one of the fastest growing areas of the signage industry. Whether it is indoor our outdoor malls or stand alone shopping center, channel letters are often the best
choice available to identify a business. Channel letters come in a wide variety of lettering types, fonts, styles,
and LED Illumination. We also offer non illuminated channel letters. Same great product without the lighting.

EL Light

EL (electroluminescence) Light
Advertisement, Light Box, Backlight

EL product has its own obvious features, which are different from other lighting resources, such as follows:
All kinds of powers applicable Flexible, so can be made
in any shape as designed : Super-thin /light weight;
Well-distributed lighting; No heat generate while working; Low power consumption; Brightness adjustable; Strong shockproof; Multiple lighting color; Yielding, Enduring vibration and impact; Lifetime over 5,000 hours

Magic Fluorescent Writing Board

Magic Fluorescent Writing Board/ LED Magic Board

Fluorescent writing board are really very eye-catching
when compared to traditional blackboards!

It is most often used in restaurants, shopping mall,
coffee shops, bars, or night clubs and any public
places, they are ideal for advertising daily specials, drink specials, upcoming events or promotions.

Get as creative as you'd like with this "ad board" as it is sure to impress your customers!

Vinyl Signmaking Cutter Plotter

SK Vinyl Signmaking Cutter Plotter

With the Sk Vinyl Cutter you have one sign making
machine that plots or cuts, you can have bold signs that
get noticed right when you need them, Sk vinyl sign cutter (sometimes known as a cutting plotter) is used by professional poster and billboard sign-making businesses to produce brilliant weather-resistant signs, posters, and billboards using self-colored adhesive-backed vinyl film that has a removable paper backing material.

LED Scoreboard

Automizer CNC or Engraving Machine

Automizer Small CNC/ Engraving Machine is a low cost desktop CNC router which is designed for superior performance that can be used in manufacturing of precision parts. Use it for advertisement engraving and cutting, wood processing, craft manufacturing, light box cutting, sign and mark manufacturing, molds, patterns,
as well as stamp cutting and PCB cutting.

This CNC router is great for business, education, engineering, science, hobbies, arts, just about EVERYTHING!