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Automizer Andon Board lights up to communicate manufacturing status. If a problem occurs, the board will light up to signal the supervisor which work station is in trouble. A melody is used in conjunction with the andon board to provide an audible signal to help the supervisor realize there is a problem in his or her area. Once the supervisor assesses the situation, he or she can take appropriate steps to correct the problem.

The andon board can be triggered by a machine malfunction, pulling the andon cord or pushing a button in the work station.

Andon Board
Toyota Autoparts


  • 4 lines of HELP CALL with 8 corresponding push buttons (ON and OFF buttons for each line).
  • When an ON push button is pressed, the corresponding light of HELP CALL will be on. A melody will play and the revolving light at the top of the board will be activated.
  • When the OFF push button is pressed, the light will be off. The melody and revolving light will be stopped.
  • A control box will be provided to house the control board and relays.
  • The board is double sided with
  • back to back lights.
  • Board dimension: 3 ft (width) x 4 ft (height)
  • We accept made to order according to your need