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Mini CNC Engraving Machine

Automizer Small CNC/ Engraving Machine is a low cost desktop CNC router which is designed for superior performance that can be used in manufacturing of precision parts. Use it for advertisement engraving and cutting, wood processing, craft manufacturing, light box cutting, sign and mark manufacturing, molds, patterns, as well as stamp cutting and PCB cutting.

This CNC router is great for business, education, engineering, science, hobbies, arts, just about EVERYTHING!

Mini CNC Engraving Machine
Small CNC Engraving Machine


Small CNC / Engraving Machine Features:

Machine body: whole cast iron or cast aluminum
Work dimensions: 360mm×208mm×41mm
Body dimensions: 360mm×287mm×253mm
XYZ-axis working area: 210mm×150mm×25mm
Max. speed: 5000~20000rpm/min
Working speed: 6-12mm/second
Mechanical precision: 0.1mm
Max. power consumption: 210W
Power source: AC 220V /50Hz
Interface: G-Code Interface
Communication Port : RS232


Price: PHP
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