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Products Automizer

Queuing System

Automizer Queuing System (Numbering/Ticketing)

Automizer Queuing Systems means faster service to customers, resulting in reduced costs and higher profits

Digital Clock

Automizer Digital Clock

Automizer Digital Clock can be controlled from a single
PC and can be up to 128 clocks. It can be easily updated
to display accurate, synchronized time with no extra effort required of your personnel.

LED Calendar Alarm Wall/Table Clock

LED Calendar Alarm Wall/Table Clock/ Bus Clock

LED Calendar Alarm Wall or Table Clock suitable for office, home and bus use.

Digital Clock with Temperature

Automizer Digital Clock with Temperature

Automizer™ LED Digital Clock with Temperature displays clock and temperature. Available for indoor or outdoor use. We can customize the clock according to your requirements.

Automizer Digital Time Zone Clock

Automizer Digital Time Zone Clocks

Automizer Digital Time Zone Clocks allow you to view multiple time, date, timer and/or event counter displays
in a single glance. Available free standing, or with computer or network interface.

LED Display Board

Automizer Indoor/ Outdoor LED Display Board

Automizer LED Display Board can be used to display
both text and graphical data, giving it a unique flexibility. It has the ability to produce variable sized fonts and foreign language characters making it truly universal!

LED Video Board

Automizer LED Video Board

These highly sophisticated Automizer LED video boards are capable of replicating live color video, animation, and high definition graphical images. It is commonly used by large sports complex, casinos, and major advertising
firms for numerous applications, such as promotions, video replays, and announcements.

LED Scrolling Message

Automizer LED Scrolling/ Running Message

Automizer LED Scrolling Message displays
alpha-numeric data that catches your audience's attention with it's different effects.

LED Bulletin Display

Automizer™ LED Bulletin Display Board

Automizer™ LED Bulletin Display Board is very versatile and used in a wide range of indoor applications, such as price/menu board to current bulletin board. If you are looking for an electronic board that will give you years of benefit and reliability, then this board is the best solution
for you.

LED Scoreboard

Automizer LED Electronic Scoreboard

We offer a wide range of scoreboards for different sports from portable to professional needs. Available in Wireless, cable or computer control.

Scoreboards can also be customized according to your needs.


Automizer Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Board (FOREX) Board

Automizer™ FOREX boards (LED Rate Board) are highly visible and are commonly used to display financial or statistical information. They are used by financial and commercial institutions dealing in foreign currency.

Production counter

Automizer Production Counter

Automizer Production counters are often used to display the quantity of units produced by a machine or by a production line. It can be controlled by the factory information system, by photo-eyes and relays, by manual inputs from production employees, etc.

Ford Count Down Timer
Marathon Timer

Automizer Digital Timers

Automizer Digital Timers offers wide choices of accurate and reliable digital timing devices such as Marathon/ Running Timer, Count Up/ Down Timer, Cockfight Timer.

Andon Board

Automizer Andon Board

Automizer andon board displays the location and nature
of the problem in a machine. It is used to know at a
glance whether or not production activities are proceeding normally.

Safety Index Board

Automizer Safety Index Board

Automizer Safety Index Board is used to remind employees of the importance of safety in the workplace.

Digital Temperature

Automizer Digital Temperature

Automizer™ Digital Temperature displays accurate room temperature.