Production Counter

Why Use Production Counter?

Every manufacturer needs to keep an accurate count of materials or products they produce. Using productions counters can help keep track of them in real-time while providing a visible display to both employers and employees.
Production counters can be used not only for counting products made, but can also display meaningful metrics to improve your manufacturing operations.

Real-Time Monitoring

Commonly Displayed Data

Data Description
Target Target number of units to be produced
Actual Number of units currently produced
Difference Difference = Target - Actual
Efficiency Production efficiency = (Actual / Target) x 100%
Takt Time Amount of time to manufacture a (set of) product
Down Time Cummulative time when production line is not running
Product Code Product code currently being manufactured in the production line
Date/Time Accurate date/time across the factory
Other Metrics Customized display based on formula provided by the customer

Data Input


Input data through buttons on wired/wireless controller


Connected to sensor(s) on production line


Receive data from PLC or other devices through RS485


Receive data from PC or other devices through RS232

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