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Automizer Queuing System


How Automizer Queuing System works:

Everyone has, at one time or another felt the frustration of always standing "in the wrong line". With the use of tickets, customers do not have to stand in long queues. The experienced waiting time is also considerably shorter. Queuing also creates a better environment for your personnel, providing managers with information to monitor and plan operations as effectively as possible.

Automizer Queuing System:

1. Client system
When a customer arrives, he/she should get a ticket first and wait. The customer will then be put into a queue.

This does two things. First, it takes customers out of a wait-line scenario and places them in a comfortable, sitting environment. Secondly, it tells our queuing system that someone is waiting for a particular category of service and begins tracking the customer wait time.

2. Calling the next customer
When a counter attendant is ready for the next customer, he/she simply presses the counter controller to call the customer number. 

3. Notifying and directing the customer to the workstation
When the counter attendant calls the next customer, the queuing machine will display the customer number and counter number. A chime will also sound to capture the attention of the customer and direct him/her to the appropriate counter.

4. Software (Optional)
Automizerä Queuing System tracks the wait and transaction time of each customer and allows managers to generate reports based on this data.

Managers can get valuable data concerning the productivity of branches, counters and staff, as well as view the overall customer flow. Managers can use this data to make changes in staffing, categories of service or any other issue they see fit.


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