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Automizer LED Scoreboards

Automizer LED Electronic Scoreboard offers a wide range of scoreboards for different sports from portable to professional needs. Available in Wireless, cable or computer control.


Basketball Scoreboard and Multi-purpose Scoreboard
Automizer Portable Scoreboard

Automizer™ Portable Scoreboard
Model: APS001

Automizer™ Portable Wireless Scoreboard provides reliable, accurate, and easy to read score keeping features.They are covenient to use for sports of all kinds and can be taken from game to game with ease.

Automizer Wireless Multi-purpose Scoreboard
  Automizer™ Wireless Multi-purpose Scoreboard
Model: AMPS001

Automizer™ Wireless Multi-purpose Scoreboard is great for scorekeeping basketball games in courts, gyms, or multi-purpose facilities.

Automizer Wireless Multi-purpose Scoreboard with built-in Shotclock

Automizer™ Wireless Multi-purpose Scoreboard
with built-in Shot Clock

Model: AMPSSC002

Automizer™ AMPSSC002 Scoreboard comes with a built-in Shot Clock for easy tracking of score. Additional external shot clock can also be purchase.

Automizer Professional Multi-color Scoreboard

Automizer™ Professional Wireless Multi-color Scoreboard
Model: APMS001

Automizer™ Professional Multi-color Scoreboard is a complete scoring system that will make an impression to the fans and attract attention to your facility.

Badminton Scoreboard
Automizer Badminton Scoreboard

Automizer™ Wireless Badminton Scoreboard
Model: ABS001

Automizer™ Wireless Badminton Scoreboard made specifically for badminton games following the rules and scoring of the game.

Cricket Scoreboard

Automizer™ Cricket Scoreboard
Model: ACS001

Automizer™ Wireless Cricket Scoreboard suitable for cricket clubs, schools and counties.

Cockfight Timer/ Sabong Timer
Automizer Cockfight Timer

Automizer™ Cockfight Timer

Automizer™ Cockfight Timer or Sabong Timer has a large variety of timers for you to choose from.

Judo Scoreboard
Automizer Judo Scoreboard

Automizer™ Judo Scoreboard
Model: AJS001

Automizer™ Judo Scoreboard is programmable that's ideal for tournaments or training sessions.


Marathon Timer
Automizer Marathon Timer

Automizer™ Marathon Timer

Automizer™ Marathon/ Running Timer is an accurate timing device used in marathon races.

Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Scoreboard
Automizer Table Tennis Scoreboard

Automizer™ Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Scoreboard
Model: ATT001

Automizer™ Table Tennis Scoreboard is a digital electronic score keeper for Table Tennis


Tennis Scoreboard
Automizer Tennis Scoreboard

Automizer™ Tennis Scoreboard
Model: ATS001

Automizer™ Electronic Digital LED Lawn Tennis Scoreboard displays game scores, games won in each set, etc. Great for use in gyms or on the court. Tennis scoreboard can be customized according to your need.

Volleyball Scoreboard
Automizer Volleyball Scoreboard

Automizer™ Volleyball Scoreboard
Model: AVS001

Automizer™ Volleyball Scoreboard contains a simple and straightforward user interface that keep track of volleyball scores during games .